Every person experiences nostalgic moments in their life from time to time, huh? For me, nostalgic moments sometimes recall great memories from the past. It's so powerful that it takes away my focus on the present and makes me want to get stuck in these thoughtful moments forever, driving it near impossible to escape.

Though sometimes, it's weird because it starts off really good, and out of nowhere, my mind reminds me of how bad things were now and then. When that happens, it becomes a very overwhelming and irritating feeling that can result in losing track of time. But being able to control it and divert it back to the past makes me feel like I have superpowers.

I'm sure that most of the time, we feel nostalgia while being in a happy state. But when I'm not in a happy state, it can also remind me that things that were once good can be good again. And the best part is that it also resonates with memories from adulthood. It's like a carnival ticket to the past that lets me hit and replay all emotions. Truly, I think it's a gift from the past.

Do you feel the same?

Well, now what?

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