Well, where can I begin, huh? It hurts my heart as I pen this. And I cannot describe what it feels like.

It’s been 658 days since I started my journey at WSO2 in 2020, and sadly I have given my adieus to my wonderful team on the 19th.

Signing off from the WSO2 IAM Engineering Team
Signing off from WSO2 with these lovely bunch of hoomans ❤️.

Well, today is my last day at WSO2. The experience I gained here is incomparable to any of my past ventures. I know this because when I joined at the end of 2020, I hardly had any experience with large-scale software systems and applications. And sometimes, I used to be a little naïve at work. And I’m sure I’ve made countless mistakes along the way. Yet my team never hesitated to give me a second chance for everything to recorrect myself.

They taught me to do the right thing and pointed out things I should improve on my journey. I will always be grateful to my entire team for opening my eyes to reality and teaching me how to be a professional. How fortunate can a human be, huh? I think I’m lucky to be surrounded by intelligent and kind-hearted people all the time.

A farewell from my fellow sub-team members.
This was my sub-team within the IAM Engineering team. Such prestigious working with these amazing bunch of talented hoomans ❤️. Thanks for all the memories and I'm sure I will miss you all.

In the future, if someone asks me how I got to the place I want to be, I’ll look back and say this is the magical path I’ve chosen. Because I couldn't have done it without the help and company of the surrounding people I’ve worked with. And that’s everyone, including my engineering manager, team leads, seniors, and my fellow peer engineers. I'm forever grateful for knowing and working with you all.

Over a year and a half, I have gained tons of experience in many technical areas, and I will always be proud to say that this is where I professionally grew, and this is where I learned all this cool stuff. And thanks for making me financially stable and going above and beyond when I request something.

Here's a fraction of what I've acquired during my tenure.

At WSO2, I realised that quality of life doesn't come from super-intelligence, wealth, titles, or power. It comes from how we live with honesty, kindness, love and peace of mind. And that's the people at WSO2. My team has helped me to be a better person even more, and now, to me, selflessness and respect for others are one of the most important aspects of life. And I certainly know that there is so much joy in being kind and generous towards other people.

I will always be thankful to everyone at WSO2 and my heartfelt gratitude for aligning my career on the correct path! It’s always hard to say goodbyes, but it’s just life. After all, it doesn't have a connotation.

Thanks for being with me on my journey, and I'm more than honoured that I was a part of WSO2's family. Goodbye until we meet again.

Well, now what?

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