I'm a person who likes to stay offline on social media whenever I can. In the past I've used it a lot, but I never really got it to the point that I was addicted. And in fact, I don't despise social media. For me, for the most part, they are irrelevant. Don't get me wrong, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., all these platforms have helpful features and can be incredibly beneficial for some people. However, every positive thing about social media is constantly outweighed by different levels of racism, hate, and fake information being spewed out to the public.

At the end of the day, it's all down to how people use the platform. And what kind of people actually uses it. To find the good in it, one can unfollow uninteresting people and groups, follow pages or groups with good opinions & views, and only connect with colleagues and people you have met in person or know at all. After all, doing all that doesn't mean it's a nice place. Giants behind every social platform don't care about people's privacy seriously or their well-being. Tell me, do people even read Terms of Conditions or Policies? I mean, I know this is not a reason to get flabbergasted, lol. Many people know this already, and that is the part that makes me sad.

Social media used to be simple. If you don't believe me, just be my guest and rewind from 2007 to 2013. People used to share simple ideas, thoughts, information and connect with their loved ones. But nowadays, social media has become a daily dopamine hit in their lives, and in digital, you can see different personalities of the same person. I mean, why? Sometimes it's unfortunate to see what happened to our society.

I genuinely think people will be a lot happier if they limit the use of social media once and for all. And just spend that time with your loved ones and family. Meet and talk to people in real life and have genuine relationships whenever you can.

What am I left with now?

I'm active on Twitter. Though I have limited my use, sometimes I use it to discover new bleeding-edge projects and practices. And I even might blast some tweets to the Twitterverse. Usually, on LinkedIn and Twitter, I find serendipitous and invaluable learning opportunities. I just follow the right people and things at the right time. And the same goes for Slack and Discord; these platforms can often get relevant information faster than anything else.

I will share my thoughts and life events in this space. I have complete control over deciding what to be indexed, crawled and what should not. More importantly, in here, I own my data! Frankly, I found a good balance between my social and personal life. I like the way it is right now. I want to live a simple and quieter life while still being connected to the internet.

Well, now what?

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