So I joined WSO2!

Before getting the first interview with WSO2, I rejected many offers from some recognized software players within Sri Lanka (Zone24x7, IFS, ItelaSoft, and Pearson). I don't know why I rejected those offers from other companies. Perhaps, I've set the bars too high. Anyways, I'm so thankful for every offer I got along the way.

But here I am, getting a great offer from the giant in LK. I'm lucky enough to get referrals on my way to WSO2; otherwise, AFAIK, it's a challenge to get into this wonderful company. Well, I believe folks at WSO2 work their way up with a hardworking attitude and with the undoubted craftsmanship of what they're doing.

Thanks to my recruiter. Also, my current lead and this senior colleague for referring me. And again, thanks to everyone who helped me get this far.

Well, now what?

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