After one year of internship at Zone24x7, it is finally to say goodbye to this beautiful workplace. It's hard to imagine how time flies so fast. I joined on 2018 July 1st, and here I am back in the lobby, just like the day 1 with my colleagues.

Signing off
Signing off with these amazing bunch of hoomans ❤️

I consider myself lucky to spend my internship with this bunch. I'm always fortunate enough to be surrounded by brilliant people all the time. As a junior engineer, I learned a lot from this workplace. Coding many PoC applications to writing complex subroutines executed in massive production clusters. Hands down, it's the best experience I got as a junior SWE.

I'm very thankful for my mentor and all the seniors and colleagues at Zone24x7. When I'm working, it's always peaceful in my mind knowing that I have helping hands around me when I ever mess things up. Even though the time here is short, it almost felt like leaving home. As they say, nothing lasts forever, right? It only leaves us with the fond memories and bonds we made in our journey. So, thank you to all who have been on my journey!

Well, now what?

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