It's 4:06 in the dawn.

Long ago, I started committing my time to things that need to be accomplished, things that improve my life, things I love doing, and nothing more.

It's a mindset I've created for myself and a lifestyle choice I've chosen to be in. I've learned how to say no, and surround myself with people that share my ideals. They are the ones who support me in all sorts of ways, and I'm genuinely grateful for all of them.

I've stripped away all the non-essentials, leaving the mind, body and soul free to exist in the present moment and truly appreciate the beautiful world we live in. If you'd ask me, what's it like? Well, sometimes it's easy, and sometimes it's not. But I've learned not to worry about things beyond my control. Indeed, I think it's everything I need and everything I truly value, and nothing more.

Simplicity is the final achievement.
   Frédéric Chopin

He meant that, after playing a vast quantity of notes and more notes, it is the simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art.

Well, now what?

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