If we interpret a situation as an opportunity or a threat, it shapes how we respond. We can never honestly know how a situation will turn out. Unless you have been through that situation before. Do you believe we all have equal intrinsic opportunities or threats in life?

I don't think so. Why? because there's only what happens and how we choose to respond in certain situations, right?

I've been taught that we cannot cultivate detachment as a means to an end. When something terrible happens, we can't just forget and resolve all our tensions. Nor we can consistently maintain an open mind to achieve better outcomes. No matter how hard we try. I think that it doesn't make sense to look out for opportunities or threats in every situation.

What we can do is we can abide these situations with mere possibilities in mind. Thinking that it may result in something good or something terrible. We have to maintain aplomb to better deal with inevitable ups and downs in life.

This means that, in reality, we shouldn't really care about what happens before or after a situation. We can't divide life into good and bad events. In life, everything happens for a reason?! Maybe. I think. Though sometimes, if we hold something in our minds consistently without knowing its precise outcome, it is what we will experience in our lives. So, better to stay away from overthinking.

What I mean is that, one cannot continually strategize open-minded approaches for certain situations. But one can invariably search a situation's byproduct for an ultimate realization.

Well, now what?

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