A lovely morning

January 08, 2022

This is another lovely morning on the northeastern coast of Sri Lanka. Sometimes a gorgeous sunrise on the shore is all it takes to be happy.

Morning sunrise on the northeast coast of Sri Lanka at 6:50 AM

This week, after a long trip to the lower central hills of Sri Lanka, I traveled straight to one of my favorite places in Sri Lanka. It's a small town called Kuchchaveli near Trincomalee. The place is moderately famous amongst tourists. But the best part is, it's not crowded, and it's one of the reasons I love this place. So I come here more often.

I love watching sunsets and rises over the water because they are the best! I've spent four nights in a cozy cabin surrounded by a jungle beach*. I adore this place. At night, you can hear the ocean waves crash intensely with the rumble of surf, and it gives you that calm & chill sea breeze. And trust me, it is heavenly. I still can't get enough of it. These kinds of places are quiet and filled with stunning nature.

Whenever I'm here, I never want to leave.