Against all odds

August 29, 2022

Well, on the 26th of August, I landed in Ireland for my postgraduate studies specializing in Software Engineering.

I've always thought of doing my postgraduate studies in a different country. But I never enlightened it with life because I was already doing a stable Software Engineering job and earning decently. But considering my career growth and unavoidable circumstances, my elder sister expedited the notion of doing my higher studies quickly. She had the objectives laid out with zero margins of error, and my Mom was the executor. They are the masterminds because it all feels like a dream to me, even though I have worked towards that goal & driven with it.

Though, I have to say it was no easy chore. Because in Sri Lanka, we all went through a roller coaster of heavy emotions. And the things went haywire. What's the reason, huh? Well, I could write about it all day, but in short, it's all about the corrupted Sri Lankan government, politicians and their partisans with hive minds.

But can we alter the system? Nah. Can we re-correct the wrongs quickly? Nope. Not soon enough. After all, life is too short for generic stuff, isn't it? And the rest of it keeps moving on. Even if we had protests, curfews and ongoing crises, I've managed to get the shit done on time. I travelled here and there to process all the legal and required Visa documents even though we didn't have fuel. Wrote my research proposals even though we didn't have electricity.

Even I remember doing crazy shit to save power on my devices so that I could write for longer without electricity. I did interviews with shitty broadband networks. I did my full-time job. Yet, I never stopped helping others in their life. I maintained my consistency wherever I went and whatever I did; honestly, I'm fucking proud.

No one would have thought I would make it this far except for my Mom and two sisters. I'm lucky to have these three Angels who will always guide me, no matter what. Through all the hardships and the surrounding odds, I managed to push toward and move on. And with that, I'm so excited to study here @ UL .