Hey, I'm Yasin 👋

TLDR; I'm a Software Engineer based in Ireland. Currently, I'm reading for my postgraduate research degree at the University of Limerick. This is my humble home on the internet. This is where I share my thoughts and learnings. Feel free to click around.

And this is what I look like


Born on November 25th, 1997, and raised in Sri Lanka. I completed school years doing the bare minimum to be above average (well, pretty much in everything), and I've spent way too much-playing video games. Dropped out. Joined the university through a fast-tracked foundation program. 4 years later, I Graduated.

Now, focusing on completing my postgraduate studies. I'm making new connections with professionals and strangers. As I always do, I love exploring new things, learning life, and trying to find the flow without being too unpredictable. All babble aside, I hate cities. Love coasts filled with nature.