Yasin Miran 🦄

Crafting software for humans, and I write.


I lecture for Computer Science & Engineering students @ Griffith College. Conducting research @ UL, I create magical tools using Natural Language Processing and Regular Expressions.


me@yasint.dev or /in/yasintdev/.

Currently I'm open to new opportunities 😇. If you're interested in working with me or just want to say hi, feel free to reach out to me 🥳.
  1. Eigenvectors

    Exploring Spectral Graphs

  2. Java's Fork/Join Framework

    Java goes Forking Crazy!

  3. TypeScript's Omit & Pick

    How to Pick your TypeScript battles and when to Omit the drama! 🎭🤓

  4. reverse() vs toReversed()

    To reverse or not toReversed? That is thy question.

  5. Integrating JUnit in Maven Projects

    Learn to streamline testing in Maven projects with JUnit integration.

  6. ChatGPT Prompts

    You think you know how to use ChatGPT? Think again.

  7. Declarative Events in ReactJS

    Explore how to handle pathological events declaratively in ReactJS applications.

  8. Positive Lookaheads

    Oh, you're looking for something? Well, I'm looking for something too.

  9. Functors

    Yet another design pattern from category theory in mathematics.

  10. Fast forward videos with ffmpeg

    Learn how to speed up your videos effortlessly using ffmpeg.

  11. Rotate Y-Axis of a 2D Vector

    Reverse rotate a 2D vector by shifting columns up or down.

  12. Synchronizing time

    Oh, you think time is simple? Let's trace it back to its atom.

  13. Vector rotation

    Rotate me right round baby right round.

  14. Sed find and replace

    How to find and replace texts in a file using sed.

  15. Asgardeo Try it Application

    Learn how to use Asgardeo Try it Application to test out various authentication flows.

  16. Flatten error constraints

    Recursively flatten properties of an array of objects.

  17. Good Git commit messages

    Uncover key strategies for crafting effective, clear Git commit messages.

  18. Asgardeo JIT User Provisioning

    Learn how just-in-time user provisioning works in Asgardeo when authenticating users from federated Identity Providers.

  19. Monotonic Arrays

    Learn how to determine whether an array is either monotonically increasing or decreasing.

  20. How GOROOT and GOPATH Works

    IAM GROOT. No, I'm not. I am GOROOT. I am GOPATH. I am Go. I am confused.

  21. Two summation

    Probably the most common interview question you'll ever see. Let's solve it.

  22. How I built my blog with NextJS

    Read my journey of creating a personalized, feature-rich blog using NextJS, delving into powerful technologies, inspirational developers, and the future of this site.